The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret Comes Clean

Oh Todd Margaret, will you ever learn? Let's hope not, because the more Todd lies and tries to weasel his way out of the traps he sets for himself in IFC's The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, the greater the payoff.

But with "Todd's Terrible Day Ends and His Next Terrible Day Begins," Season 2 kicked things off with something pretty unexpected: Todd Margaret actually told the truth! This is the same man who, if he lived under the same lying rules as Pinocchio, has uttered so many falsehoods that he'd be able to smell the Pok Pok chicken wings in his hometown of Portland, Oregon all the way from Piccadilly Circus.

The show could not go on and on with the same Season 1 formula of Todd lies, Todd gets caught in a lie, Todd spins a bigger lie to cover his ass, repeat. Instead, it looks like Todd won't be the only one bluffing this time around; his assistant Dave is actually a posh millionaire, terrorists are using him as an unwitting suicide bomber, and Brent's (Will Arnett) company might not be a company at all. What started out as a show about a bumbling American fool might now become a war of lies. And when it comes to lies, Todd is king. Would you be surprised if, by the end of this thing, Todd saved the world by lying?

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret's second season didn't get off to the uproarious start that normal comedies need, because Todd Margaret isn't a normal comedy. Like Arrested Development, Todd Margaret is incredibly serialized, which is almost unheard of in comedies today. It plots out season-long arcs involving terrorism, North Korean missile launches, and dads who aren't dead. For that reason, Todd Margaret is worth watching just to see how far David Cross can push his character and the preposterously entertaining story. And for Brent's firestorm of swearing and dick jokes.

Jon Hamm was great as Dave's butler/lackey. Loved the dandruff bit!

– I can't get Todd's "Racist Rapist" jingle out of my head.

– Will we ever get to see how Todd ended up in court or amongst North Koreans ready to push what looks like the Big Red Button? Or will it forever be a running gag?

– I'm not sure I can totally recommend the series to everyone, but if you like stuff that's different and love to listen to Will Arnett curse ("I'm going to punch you back into your mother's pussy!"), you should give it try.

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If you loved a show like Extras, give this one a try. The writing on this show is just insane. David Cross should get nominated for something.
It's definitely not a show that everyone likes, but I think it's hilarious!
Yeah the Show ends after Season 2, Cross confirmed it a few days ago.
Didn't Cross say that the show will end after the second season? Like with the courtroom scene in season 1, I'm expecting the Korean button part to be resolved at the end of it.

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