The Jeffersons Actor Sherman Hemsley Dies at 74

Actor Sherman Hemsley, who played the iconic sitcom character George Jefferson on the CBS series The Jeffersons, has passed away, according to reports. There is no official word on his cause of death. Hemlsey was 74 years old.

Hemsley started out as a stage actor before winning the role of George Jefferson on the sitcom All in the Family, where he played neighbor to Archie Bunker. With co-star Isabel Sanford, who played Louise "Weezy" Jefferson, the Jeffersons soon became big enough for their own show, and The Jeffersons was spun off and enjoyed a very successful 11-season run. The show was unique for not only featuring a predominantly African-American cast, but also for portraying an incredibly successful African-American family who owned a string of dry cleaning businesses.

After The Jeffersons ended in 1985, Hemsley starred in NBC's Amen as a preacher for five seasons. He also provided a voice in the puppet series Dinosaurs.

Sherman Hemsley

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