AMC Cancels The Killing, Maybe (Probably) for Good This Time

Hey this sounds familiar. AMC has canceled its dreary, wet detective drama The Killing after three seasons, according to Deadline Hollywood, ending an interesting saga for one of the more polarizing series on television. At least, we think it's ended. The Killing has been killed before: AMC first canceled the series after its second season, in July of 2012. But with a new game plan and a promise to correct the things that pissed fans off in Seasons 1 and 2, the series successfully coaxed a third season out of AMC in January of 2013.   

The Killing turned things around a bit in Season 3, with many critics giving it high fives. However, the ratings didn't improve much, and Season 3 finished with 1.5 million viewers, a teeny-tiny improvement over Season 2's 1.4 million.

It's impossible not to discuss the possibility of second miracle reincarnation, especially with Netflix hanging around eying left-for-dead series like a hungry hawk. But The Killing wore out most of its goodwill with its first season, and has little traction that any network would be interested in. Would YOU want to pick up The Killing if you were an exec?

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