The Killing Has an Official Return Date

The third season of The Killing that no one few people asked for has just cemented itself in my disbeliving brain as an actual, real, happening thing, because AMC has just announced a premiere date for Season 3: The canceled-and-then-uncanceled series will return on Sunday, June 2 at 8pm with a two-hour premiere.

When we last left Seattle—in what was ultimately a satisfying, if too late, finale—Detective Linden had seemingly walked away from police work. But Season 3 will waste no time getting her back in the game. From AMC:

Season 3 begins one year after the close of the Rosie Larsen case, with Sarah Linden no longer working as a detective. But when her ex-partner Stephen Holder's search for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that connects to a previous murder investigation by Linden, she is drawn back into the life she thought she'd left behind.

Joining returning cast members Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman for the new storyline will be Peter Sarsgaard, Elias Koteas, and Amy Simetz. This is a talented cast! Now let's hope showrunner Veena Sud gives them some decent material to work with this time.


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