The Latest Fringe Promo Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at Season 4 (VIDEO)

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Whoever is putting these incredible Fringe teasers together deserves some sort of award or extra-large shrimp cocktail, because they're blowing my mind and doing exactly what they're supposed to do: getting me super psyched for the upcoming season.

Here we have the most in-depth look at Season 4 we've seen to date, which bills next Friday's debut as both a season AND a series premiere (check out the word shifting from "series" to "season" at the end). It's definitely a new start for both the show and the Fringe Division as we see how things are going without Peter, who went *POOF* at the end of Season 3. Seth Gabel, who plays Lincoln Lee, also looks to get a lot more screentime ahead, as he's been promoted to series regular for Season 4.

And that's not all! Earlier today, the press was notified that screeners of the first two episodes of Fringe Season 4 are now available. Hell yes! And guess who delivered the news? Peter Bishop himself. Here's what he had to say:

Spooky, eh? And no, you cannot have Peter's email address.

Fringe returns next Friday, September 23 at 9pm on Fox.

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