The Latest Mad Men Conspiracy Theory Means It's Time for Another Death Watch: Does Megan Draper = Sharon Tate?

It's that time of the year again: We're well past the halfway point for Mad Men's sixth season and while the Bob Benson conspiracy theorizing has perhaps run its course—at least temporarily—now that the overwhelmingly chipper upstart has repeatedly shown that deep down, he's just nice, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of other evidence to obsess over regarding different aspects of the show.

Like, say, the outfit Megan wore at the end of Sunday's "The Better Half" as police sirens nearly drowned out the dialogue between she and Don. Actress Sharon Tatewho was killed during the infamous Manson Family murders of 1969—wore the exact same (NSFW!) T-shirt/panties combo for an Esquire photo shoot the year before, and according to Mad Men's Powers That Be, the decision to dress Megan like a fellow up-and-coming actress from that era was no accident: 

Maybe the T-shirt alone wasn't enough to raise the red flags, but it was certainly the most obvious homage after a string of less-blatant connections between the Drapers and Tate, which I've culled—with help from ye old internets, namely Reddit and Warming Glow—for you below:

– In "The Crash," Sally Draper was spotted reading Rosemary's Baby, which was later adapted to film by Tate's husband, director Roman Polanski. 

– We also learned in "The Crash" that Megan often "paid" for Sally to watch Gene and Bobby with stylish attire that Betty didn't approve of, like mini-skirts and go go boots. Another Manson Family murder victim, Rosemary La Bianca, was a successful boutique owner, and she's been described as popular with her teenage step-daughters because she introduced them to more current fashion than their mother did.

– The rising violence that we've witnessed in Mad Men's New York is representative of similar patterns throughout the country as a whole, and it embodies the apocalyptic Helter Skelter thing that Manson and his "family" were all about. 

– If we go back to the Season 6 Poster, much of what we theorized is still up in the air—especially all of those very nervous-looking po-po. 

Sharon Tate was preggers when she was murdered. Megan recently experienced a miscarriage

– Both women, while successful in their own rights, were married to much more successful husbands. Don = Roman Polanski? (Actually, that's not a terribly out-there theory: both men are brilliant...but kind of effed up.)

– In the months leading up to her murder, Rosemary La Bianca experienced unease in her home and believed that it'd been broken into at least once while she and her husband were out... kind of like Grandma Ida in the Draper penthouse. 

So... it all looks pretty clear that Megan Draper is a goner, but then again, last season, dearly departed Lane Pryce didn't even make our Season 5 death watch list because the evidence overwhelmingly pointed to someone else—like Emo Pete or Trippin' balls Roger. If it's not Megan, then who DO you think is going to bite it this season? Betty? Sylvia? Pete? (Pete's's still not having a really great season, you know?)

And what are the circumstances of their untimely demise? East coast Helter Skelter? Bob Benson? IT'S BOB BENSON, ISN'T IT!? That's why he's so disgustingly nice. Who would suspect the nice guy of chopping women into itty-bitty pieces in his free time? 

Answer: EVERYONE. 

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