The Law Firm sentenced to cable

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The Law Firm, NBC's near-shameless Apprentice knockoff, has been pulled from its Thursday evening home after just two episodes. The series has been picked up by Bravo, and its NBC spot will be filled by reruns of Will and Grace and Scrubs, which are sure to attract more than the paltry 3.9 million viewers who watched The Law Firm's second episode.

David Kelley--producer of hit legal dramas like Boston Legal and Ally McBeal--dipped an exploratory toe into the reality-TV swamp with his courtroom competition, which pits young lawyers against each other in a fight for a $250,000 prize. Participants take opposing sides on actual cases, and then demonstrate their skills by arguing in a courtroom constructed for the series. Real-life criminal attorney Roy Black decides whose skills are superior and "fires" the unacceptable contestants from the show's fictional law firm.

The Law Firm is one more in a string of reality duds for NBC, which also failed to find an audience for this summer's Average Joe and I Want to Be a Hilton.

Bravo, which was already airing repeats of The Law Firm, has not yet announced airdates for the series' remaining episodes.

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