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To get ready for the The Dukes of Hazzard movie release, check out our episode guides and learn about the time Boss Hogg introduced his nephew Hughie Hogg or when the General Lee was stolen by pool hustlers!

Feed your infomania further by checking out the show trivia and by gazing at our Dukes photo gallery, or even better, our Jessica Simpson photo gallery. Read some reviews then sound off in the forums. Hey, we got videos!

Don't forget our Dukes Contest. Check out who wrote up the best real-life Dukes moment! Look at the winners here.

Want to know what's been happening recently in the world of The Dukes? Click on over to The Dukes news page for all the latest developments. Ingest a barrage of news about the happenings of the movie stars Jessica Simpson, Johnny Knoxville, and Burt Reynolds.

If you feel like watching The Dukes at home before you watch them in the theater, you'll want to read our Dukes on DVD article. Refresh your memory by watching the old show, and then compare it to the movie!

Do you wonder what the original Cooter has to say about the new Dukes movie? If so, read this!

Finally, step on the gas and check out our write-up of the recent television shows that have made, or will soon make, the jump from boob tube to big screen.

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When we still had TvTome such crap never would've happened. How much are they paying you to promote that. Sellouts.
GAG. why are you promoting this crap??
Is this the Dukes of Hazzard homepage.
I mean, WTF?
here is a site that will soon have a section for the movie its
its got one member

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