The Lost Finale Gets a Half-Hour Extension

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... The Lost finale has been extended a full 30 minutes, bringing the episode where we realize it was all a dream to a whopping two and a half hours. Before you get excited about that, realize that each half-hour is typically 22 minutes of show, and Lost producers probably didn't have 22 extra minutes to add. So we'll either get 22 extra minutes of Lost with 10 minutes of fluff, or we'll be seeing more commercials than usual. Yeah, I'm an optimist. [The Live Feed]

... Bret Michaels is in stable condition and out of the hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Though he's still "very sick," he's expected to make a full recovery and should be back to slapping the asses of trashy women in no time. [People]

... Earlier this week, Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus got her own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame (John Stamos got one before her?). Oh wait, my mistake. Julia Luis Dreyfus, who ever that is, got the star. [US Magazine]

... A study found that children who watch more TV might have more problems at school and may engage in less physical activity than kids who watch less TV. In other news, the sky is blue. [CNN]

... I don't know what you're doing, America, but keep it up. Last night's American Idol had its lowest audience since Season 1 and NCIS and NCIS: LA both hit season lows in the ratings. [TV By the Numbers]

... In The Walking Dead news: The roles of Andrea and Glenn have been cast. Laurie Holden, who recurred in the final season of The Shield and starred in The Mist, will play marksman Andrea, and newcomer Steven Yeun will play daring forager Glenn. Oh my God this is going to be good. [THR]

... Forbes has released its annual list of most profitable television shows, and American Idol is once again number one, averaging $8.1 million every half-hour. The rest (in estimated profits per half-hour) are:
2. Two and a Half Men ... $3.1 million
3. 24 ... $3 million
4. Grey's Anatomy ... $2.8 million.
5. V ... $2.8 million (oops!)
6. Desperate Housewives ... $2.7 million.
7. Dancing With the Stars ... $2.56 million.
8. Lost ... $2.53 million
9. Survivor ... $2.22 million
10. CSI ... $2.07 million

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