The Lost Lost Scene That Proves it Was All Planned

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During the run of Lost, one of the most rewarding gatherings of the show's fans took place each year at Comic-Con where showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse put on a panel that was unmatched in fervor. Fans asked questions which were sometimes answered, surprise cast members showed up and were nearly knocked down by screams, and prizes were handed out like it was a charity Christmas banquet (some lucky guy out there has Claire's fake seagull).

But Lost is over now, and it's time to put those legendary panels to rest. OR IS IT!? Lindelof and Cuse crawled out of a wormhole and appeared at the "Lost: One Year Later" panel at this year's Comic-Con. Their biggest surprise? They showed never-before-seen footage that disproves critics' claims that the two made up the jigsaw story as they went along.

There it is... proof that they totally planned that horrible ending all along. Joke! I'm joking!

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