The Lost-Star Wars Mashup You've Always Dreamed Of

The only thing better than a battle between Jack (Matthew Fox) and Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is a battle between Jack and Locke—with lightsabers!

What if Breaking Bad were an ABC sitcom?

Grabbing a drink with Seth MacFarlane, Ryan Murphy, Steve Levitan, and the rest of comedy's best showrunners seems like a great time out.

Dang, Alice Tan Ridley—a.k.a. Gabourey Sidibe's mom—has some major pipes!

What's the deal with these super-emo Entourage trailers?

TBS's Atlanta headquarters greeted Conan O'Brien with a hero's welcome on Monday.


... Here's your handy-dandy guide to the 13 types of summer TV shows.

... The Hollywood Reporter did a little Q and A with Tony Robbins, the most enthusiastic man in America.

... Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) haven't yet kissed on Modern Family, but then again, neither have Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria (Sofía Vergara). What's up with that?

... James Franco talked to TVGuide about his lil' stint on General Hospital.

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