The Most Annoying New TV Characters of Fall 2010

Fall premieres bring new shows, new plot lines, and welcome relief from the reality-heavy programming of summer TV. But they also bring new characters on both new and returning shows. Some of the new players are so charming, so complex, so mysterious that we can't wait to catch up with them every week. And some of them are so annoying that we wouldn't shed a tear if their next script had them falling down a manhole or coming face-to-face with a speeding bus. Behold, our list of the most annoying new characters of fall 2010.

Outlaw's Lucinda Pearl (Carly Pope)

This gal is simply an amalgamation of "bad girl" cliches, complete with "bad girl" wardrobe choices like leather jackets, miniskirts, and "edgy"-looking... cuff bracelets. What a poser!

Glee's Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet)

Okay, mostly we're annoyed with Sam because he's just too perfect: Those eyes! That voice! That Justin Beiber hair! So what's the catch? Maybe it's his popular-kid ambition: Would it have killed him to give glee club a chance?

No Ordinary Family's Daphne Powell (Kay Panabaker)

"OMG! Mommmmmm! I'm super self-centered and all I do is text!" Yep, she's a whiny teenager who's written the way an older person thinks a teenager would act.

$#*! My Dad Says's Vince Goodson (Will Sasso)

His dopey demeanor is too much of a throwback to an era when dopiness was funny, and that ship has sailed—or at least needs to ride more nuanced waves.

Running Wilde's Mr Lunt (Robert Michael Morris)

Steve Wilde's butler seems to be half-British and also weirdly half-effeminate, but he also has no real point of view.

Better with You's Casey (Jake Lacy)

Idiot characters are only funny when they have, like, a redeeming quality that makes them tolerable (i.e. Michael Scott). Casey has no redeeming qualities. He is an idiot through and through. (And as far as we can tell, the guy is so one-note that he doesn't even have a last name!)

Detroit 1-8-7's Ariana Sanchez (Natalie Martinez)

Okay, she's tough—we get it. But we could do without the "I'm so sassy" ego; it's way too bully-ish and in-your-face.

The whole damn cast of Outsourced

This show just makes us wince.

Juliet Sharp (Katie Cassidy), Gossip Girl

Between her smirk, her power suits, and her bossiness, we think we're through with Juliet. Plus, she can't possibly keep up with the rest of the glamazons on this show.

Mad Men's Stan Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson)

As a plot point, we understand that a new art director is integral to Peggy's arc—but seriously, this man is so smarmy that we just want to reach through the screen and strangle him. Plus, he'll never compare to Sal.

Betty White on pretty much everything

ENOUGH ALREADY! Ms. White is great and all, but we're tired of seeing her make a cameo on every freakin' TV show. We hereby proclaim this national White-Out month.

Which of this season's new characters are on your hit list?

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