The New Amazing Race Cast Is Here: Let's Judge Them!

CBS has announced the cast for Season 20 of The Amazing Race. Yes, Season 20. We don’t really understand how that happened, either. But the Emmy-winning reality competition is showing no signs of slowing down, with eleven new pairs of globe-trotting adventurers primed for another season of bickering, zip-lining, and eating really gross foods in such exotic locales as Paraguay and Azerbaijan. (Neither of which, we’re informed, is currently an occupied war zone. So phew!) So let’s be good reality TV fans and size up the new batch of competitors based on their physical appearance and whatever basic biographical information we can find on the Amazing Race website.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your players:

Border Patrol Brahs

Names: Art Velez (43) & J.J. Carrell (42)

Hometowns: Temecula, CA & Carlsbad, CA

Occupations: Border Patrol Agents

Assessment: These guys are their own cheesy cop show, a hybrid of CHIPS and Baywatch that sees them driving ATVs around the Southern California coastline and arresting drug smugglers. They have seen hard action, folks. TAR should be a cakewalk. (Famous last words.)

Possible Catchphrase: “We got this!”

Twin Hunks

Names: Elliot & Andrew Weber (28)

Hometowns: Scottsdale, AZ & Menlo Park, CA

Occupations: Musician & Pro Soccer Player

Assessment: Hot twins with an instant leg up on the competition, simply because all identical twins can communicate telepathically. (Right? I think I read that in Time magazine once.)

Possible Catchphrase: “Twin power!” (Spoken with their minds.)

An Officer and Mrs. Gentleman

Names: Dave Brown Jr. (33) & Rachel Brown (30)

Hometown: Madison, WI

Occupations: U.S. Army Officer & Project Manager

Assessment: This is a solider returned safely from the Iraq War and his wife. Brown refers to something about the “reintegration process” being “a bit trying,” but we wish these two the best, and basically if you don’t root for them, you hate America.

Possible Catchphrase: “File in, honey!”

Federal Agent Besties

Names: Nary Ebeid (32) & Jamie Graetz (33)

Hometown: Los Angeles

Occupations: Federal Agents

Assessment: The second, real-life cheesy cop show in the bunch stars this pair of photogenic female agents, who wield heavy artillery and generally kick ass for a living. Could do some serious damage.

Possible Catchphrase: “We’re NOT your ‘angels,’ dude.”

Oh Brother

Names: Brendon Villegas (31) & Rachel Reilly (27)

Hometown: Los Angeles

Occupations: Ph.D. Student & Event Hostess

Assessment: Big Brother Season 13 winner Reilly also found her fiancee during the show, where they “made a lifelong alliance and moved to L.A.” So, career reality stars. Her voice is annoying.

Possible Catchphrase: “How’s our lighting?”

Cousins, Identical Cousins

Names: Kerri Paul (30) & Stacy Bowers (30)

Hometown: Gulfport, MI

Occupations: Program Coordinator & Self-Employed/"Basketball Wife"

Assessment: These cousins are “double trouble since birth.” And according to the video above, they also seem capable of riding and repairing tractors? So that might come in handy.

Possible Catchphrase: “Dunk it, girl!”

The Guidos

Names: Joey “Fitness” Lasalla (29) & Danny Horal (27)

Hometowns: Whitestone, NY & Holbrook, NY

Occupations: Trainer/Supplement Company Owner & Nightclub Promoter

Assessment: Oy, geez. I think we know everything we need to know about these two by the backwards baseball caps and ‘roided bodies.

Possible Catchphrase: “Dunk it, girl!”

The Married Clowns

Names: Dave Gregg (44) & Cherie Gregg (44)

Hometowns: New Port Richey, FL

Occupations: Self-described “ambassadors of laughter.” (Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey clowns.)

Assessment: Everyone hates clowns, right?

Possible Catchphrase: “Let’s pass this Roadblock using the healing power of laughter!”

Venus and Mars

Names: Vanessa Macias (31) & Ralph Kelley (39)

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Occupations: Freelance Writer & Bar Owner

Assessment: Two divorcees who are currently dating. Ralph basically has the body of The Thing, and Vanessa is cute. Not much else to say here, except, good luck, guys!

Possible Catchphrase: “Stand on my bicep and jump!”

The Deadly Sisters

Names: Misa (27) and Maiya Tanaka (25)

Hometown: San Diego

Occupations: Golf Pro & Car Buyer

Assessment: Don’t let the sweet exteriors fool you. Or do. Whatever makes their deadly force less painful as they crush the life out of you with their powerful legs.


The Southern Guys

Names: William “Bopper” Minton (41) and Mark Jackson (45)

Hometowns: Manchester, KY

Occupations: Motorcycle Mechanic & Former State Inspector

Assessment: Good ol’ boys from “the wrong side of the tracks.” Just excited to be on TV.

Possible Catchphrase: “We earned this Michelob Ultra!”

Okay, that's everyone! Who are your early favorites?

The Amazing Race returns for Season 20 on Sunday, February 19 at 8pm on CBS.

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Go kentucky!!!Got that( WILDCAT) Blood,Watch out tv land.I know this is going to be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not sure yet, we'll have to see how they do on the first few legs of the race. I usually reserve judgement.
finally teams that actually look like they can do this physically at least. though being in good shape helps it normally wont get you through all the tasks. but if we have assembling dinosaurs again or something to that extent all these teams can definitly handle it from the looks of them. though it wont surprise me to find out some idiot can't run or something to due a medical condition.
Wow the cousins really do look like twins! I smell a family secret! They seem cool though!Quirky, fun, like they'll actually get along.

Do I like Brendon and Rachel? Not particularly, she's annoying as hell and their mushy crap is nauseating but they're competitors and will be tough to beat.Career Reality stars....sad but true. Do they file taxes for that?

I am so bummed Rachel is on. I cannot stand her and I will be so happy when they are eliminated.
.....those outside of the US I meant to say....
Those out of the UK are in luck...the clips are on youtube posted by "amazingraceglobal". Just search for "TAR20"
They have aired commercials stating the date of the premiere episode, its February 19.
All the teams look strong; nobody over 50. I hope Rachel goes out early. I'll be watching. :)

Hey, CBS/

1. Why isn't the starting date in this article? You are endanger of fans missing some of the show.

2. Why is there an advert placed before your show's promo advert? Tacky.
We've added the start date just for you. Sorry for the oversight. Re: the ad, had nothing to do with the making of the promotional video or the decision to run an ad at the start of it. Bright side, at least the contestants aren't shilling for Subway, eh?
Thank you! :)
The sisters. They look friendly but I'm sure they've got Asian schooling under their belt. They come from a hardened and high pressure lifestyle, haha.
Beware of the Feds and I sure do hope those two from Big Brother are gone very early in the race. I just can't stand them.
Why are videos you guys post nver available outside of the US? And it's not like I'm in Azerbaijan, I'm in the UK
I'm Canadian and it's a no go here as well. I also heard these videos aren't available to Australians. Maybe just hates the Commonwealth countries.

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