The New Chuck Poster is Kickin'

A good promotional poster should always sum things up quickly and nicely, to let the audience know what it's getting into. And the art for the third season of Chuck does just that.

NBC released the promo today and it's got everything we're expecting from the next Chuck chapter, with star Zachary Levi caught mid-flying-kick as he delivers the heel of his Converse sneaks straight to the jaw of some chump. Season Three will see Agent Bartowski dishing out more physical action, as his latest download of the Intersect also includes the ins and outs of Tae Kwon Do, street brawling, and every other knuckle-up fighting style.

And of course we have the lovely Sarah in the background, showing off her stems in true McG fashion, with the whole scene punctuated by the tagline "No More Mr. Nice Spy."

The only thing missing from the poster is any mention of Buy More, which might be less utilized this season.

Are you excited about the direction Season Three is taking? Or do you prefer Chuck as the accidental spy?

Chuck returns to NBC January 10.

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