The New Damages Trailers are *Intense* (VIDEO)

One of the great TV life preservers that's been thrown overboard in the past few years was nabbed by legal thriller Damages, which was saved from the trash heap by DirecTV after a three-season stint on FX. This rescue isn't like DirecTV's past deal with NBC to save Friday Night Lights, in which the two parties shared production costs and broadcasting rights. DirecTV now has sole ownership of Damages, making it exclusive to the satellite cable company and a pain for fans of the series that don't have DirecTV (perhaps the internet can save the day?).

And now that Damages will air on what amounts to a premium cable network, Season 4 looks like it's put on a few pounds of heaviness. Don't get me wrong, Damages has always been one of the more intense television shows out there, but it looks like things will be serious even for Damages this year as season guest-star John Goodman follows his likable performance in Treme with a no-nonsense Halliburton type who screams a lot.

A second trailer has also been released, focusing less on Goodman's character and more on Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). More focus on Rose Byrne is always a good thing (meeeow!).

Are you a Damages fan without DirecTV? Will you sign up in order to watch the show? Also, and perhaps more importantly, what do you think of Ellen's new haircut? I'm not feeling the bangs!

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