The New Sons of Anarchy Promo Is Full of Motorcycles, Metaphor (VIDEO)

FX's Sons of Anarchy finished Season 4 with plenty of leftover momentum for Season 5. SAMCRO shuffled up its officers, Oakland gangster Damon Pope is pretty damn pissed at Tig, and Clay somehow managed to survive even though everyone on the planet wanted him dead. Yep, it's going to be really rough road ahead.

And that seems to be the point of this gorgeous promo for SoA's fifth season, a washed-out, metaphor-filled spot that indicates Jax might need to keep his training wheels on a little longer as president of the MC.

Whoops! Riding your bike off a bridge to certain death is kind of the exact opposite thing a motorcycle club wants from its new leader. So what does the imagery mean? Is he getting JT'd and being set up for an "accident" by Clay? Is Gemma telling him not to cross that bridge and dig up the truth about his father? Why does the rest of the club seem unconcerned that Jax's big fight is now with gravity? Do they think he's steering them in the wrong direction? And why doesn't that bridge have proper guard rails? California really IS bankrupt.

Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 5 in September on FX.

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