The New Terra Nova Trailer Reveals a Pretty Bleak Future (VIDEO)

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If Fox hadn't changed its mind extra-late, we'd be only a few weeks away from the premiere episode of Steven Spielberg's small-screen Jurassic Park (4SJP), better known as Terra Nova. But the network thought it made better business sense to give the series a regular fall launch instead of a spring preview (read: the spring preview wasn't ready in time).

But at least there's a new trailer out, with more tidbits of the future that Terra Nova's main characters are running away from. Apparently things in 2149 have gotten so bad that mankind must start over—by traveling back to a time when there was more green on the planet, some 85 million years ago. A group of early settlers has been tasked with giving man a second chance, but they've got big some problems to face—like native dinosaurs who think they make tasty snacks.

Whoa, was that the new iPad at 0:06!? Why would you want to run away from that? Seriously, though, this show couldn't be more Spielbergy if it starred Private Ryan saving an alien from Auschwitz, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Terra Nova is scheduled to premiere this fall on Fox.

And now you must answer this question! If you had the choice, would you rather live in the future or the past?

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