The new!


-We went wide! More room to stretch out in--making it easier for you to see all that we have to offer.


-We cleaned our room! The site's been reorganized in the interest of dead-easy navigation, and all tabs have moved from the top to the left of each page--creating more front-and-center space for the good stuff. Clutter be gone!


-We're even bigger couch potatoes! We've added more video in more areas of the site. In-page video players with fun playlists abound! We now have a full episode directory within our video hub--full episodes all in one place. You can also find videos directly with our spiffy new video search. You may never go outside again...and we're okay with that.



-We admit it: we love stargazing! We've added more photo galleries throughout the site - they are glossier, bigger, and way more of a guilty pleasure than ever before. And since we know your opinions are the last word, we've added a comments section to each and every photo. Judge away!
*Heads up: the photo comments aren't ready just yet, but we promise they're coming soon!

-We still freaking love TV! Our News & Features editors are now more outspoken than they've ever dared to be; we've cleaned up our Shows hub so it's easier to get to the gold; and we've added a People hub full of info on your favorite actors and crew members.

-We're giving you the thanks you deserve! We truly appreciate you, our community. You make the site what it is today; you're the moon; you're the stars; you're everything we've ever dreamed we're honoring you with a redesigned community hub featuring our favorite user blogs, extra recognition for editors, new profile pages, updated dashboard view, a convenient friend feed, and more. We've added more areas on the site to feature you, the star of the site.

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