The Obamas Will Be Stopping by the Oprah Show

... Oprah gets what Oprah wants. And Oprah wants the most powerful couple in the world. The Queen of everything in the universe all media has booked Barack and Michelle Obama to tape a show on April 27 that will air on May 2, during sweeps week. Oprah's show is approaching its series finale, which is scheduled for May 25. I wouldn't be surprised if she signs Gandhi, Jesus Christ, John Lennon, Optimus Prime, and Vishnu as guests for that one. [Chicago Tribune]

... Perhaps all the talk about a 24 feature film coming out in 2012 isn't crazy talk after all. Movie producer Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment tweeted: "Got off the phone [sic] Keifer [sic] yesterday and we are very excited about producing the 24 movie for next year." Who cares if he can't spell the star's name? Or proofread? He's got money! [EW]

... Chuck is one of those shows with rabid fans who do crazy things like actually eat Subway sandwiches (have you no respect!?) to help their show stay on the air. But with the way this season is going, they may have to eat everyone involved in NBC's pilots to save Chuck from cancellation. The show hit a series low 1.3 rating among the 18-49 demo, which doesn't exactly give network execs any reason to renew it. Could this be the year Chuck fails to dodge to axe? [TV By the Numbers]

... Simon Cowell is so into his upcoming American version of The X Factor that he's quitting his job on the original British X Factor, according to various news reports. Apparently Cowell thinks doing both shows would be too much. [Daily Mail]

... In more important X Factor news, hotter-than-the-sun supermodel Marisa Miller has met with producers of the talent show about a potential hosting gig. She's hosted many of my dreams, so I think she'd be a good fit. [Just Jared]

... Jill Wagner has had enough of watching people getting hit in the face with giant balls. The Wipeout hostess is calling it quits after this summer season, looking to move on to acting gigs. [TV Guide]

... Listen, I've seen the first six episodes of Game of Thrones and I'm already crying because I won't be able to watch another one for WEEKS. Thankfully, HBO is also going gonzo for the show and will be replaying the premiere episode all the time, with a special you-can't-watch-anything-else block on Monday, April 18 at 9pm, during which HBO will air Episode 1 on all of its gazillion channels simultaneously (HBO Comedy? Sure, why not!?). [HBO via press release]

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