CBS Has Ordered That Odd Couple Remake Pilot Starring Matthew Perry as Oscar; Who Should Play Felix?

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CBS is dusting off the old dubbed VHS tapes in search of inspiration, and has decided to move forward with its remake of The Odd Couple that we first heard about back in December. According to TV Line, the network has arrived at the next stop on the development train and ordered a pilot, with producer and everyone's friend Matthew Perry set to star.

The Odd Couple originated in 1965 as a Neil Simon Broadway play about two mismatched roommates, Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. In the 1970s, ABC adapted the play for television, with Jack Klugman in the role of the messier and more relaxed Oscar and Tony Randall playing the tidier and uptight Felix. For the CBS reboot, Perry—who's the kind of guy who could play either part—has penciled himself in for the part of Oscar. 

Which begs the question: Why do we need another remake of an old television show? But since that question will never ever be answered in any satisfying way, it begs another question: Who should play Felix? Well, we have a few ideas, based on the pool of actors who are currently available (hence the absence of Michael Emerson in the following list)...

1. David Costabile

This is the no-brainer home-run slam-dunk ace-serve 1080-fakey-McTwist-into-a-Beef-Jerky casting call here. Costabile would absolutely destroy this role. As Walter White's proper assistant Gale Boetticher on Breaking Bad, Costabile has already shown marvelous ability to walk in an upright and locked position with his buttocks fully clenched. And since Low Winter Sun is a goner, he's free.

2. David Schwimmer

With Chandler Bing on board, we had to include a Friends recommendation in here, and since Matt LeBlanc would make a better Oscar (and is tied up with Episodes anyway), that leaves us with the man who once played Ross. Schwimmer would make a decent Felix, no? 

3. John Cho

Hey! Perry and Cho worked well together in Go On! Why not pair 'em up again (assuming Cho's Sleepy Hollow gig is through)? Plus, Cho has experience playing uptight, from his Harold & Kumar days. 

4. Jim Rash

We currently don't know whether Community and Rash's lovable Dean Pelton will be back for another semester on NBC comedy (it could go either way) but we do know that Rash would make a great Felix. 

5. Sandra Oh

CBS had no problem casting an Asian woman as Sherlock's pal Watson on Elementary, and Oh's exit from Grey's Anatomy is imminent, so why not do the same thing with The Odd Couple

Who do YOU think should play Felix?

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