The Office Will End After Season 9

Those lovable kooks of Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton will clock into work for the last time at the end of the upcoming season. The Office executive producer Greg Daniels told reporters on a conference call this morning that Season 9 will be the last for the NBC comedy. (Finally.)

Over the past few years, watches have been checked multiple times with speculation over when the Emmy-winning show would end, as star Steve Carell left after Season 7 and several other stars have let it be known they'd be gone soon too. Mindy Kaling is departing as a series regular this season to start her own show on Fox, and Ed Helms, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer were all late in signing on to return. The spirit of the show will try to live on in an in-development spin-off called The Farm, starring Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, the beet farmer. Just so I'm transparent, I think that's a horrible idea.

With an assigned end date, The Office will be able to wrap up tons of storylines, including revealing the identity of the documentary crew that's been filming the paper company all this time, unmasking the Scranton Strangler, and exposing the truth that Pam's baby is actually Creed's (I hope!).

What answers do you want from the finale season of The Office? (Besides "Why is the show still on?" of course.)

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