The Office's Stanley Is Branching Out: Watch Leslie David Baker's Ridiculous "Friday"-esque Music Video

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We’ve all been around the internet long enough to know by now that a new morsel of WTFness will arrive in our inboxes at the rate of several times per day. That doesn’t make it any easier to process it when they do, however, so brace yourself for Leslie David Baker—better known as The Office’s perma-grump Stanley Hudson—in his new, viral music video sensation, “2 Be Simple Ft. N.U.M.” This thing is weird. Like, “Hey, that’s Stanley singing a techno track and wearing a pink satin bathrobe while lounging in bed with scantily clad young women as his maid ogles him through the bedroom window”-weird.

I’ve spent some time trying to figure this one out. First, I checked out N.U.M.’s YouTube page. The acronym stands for Nothing Under a Million, and the best as I can surmise is that they are a kind of challenger to the Ark Music Factory throne—the producers-for-hire who skyrocketed to infamy on the back of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” So, how’s this for a theory: Seeing the writing on the wall for The Office, what with its semi-disastrous, Steve Carell-less eighth season, Baker has decided that it’s time to show the world he has some versatility, and that he isn’t the black storm cloud everyone assumes he is. Somehow, someone put him in touch with N.U.M., and together they concocted an ill-conceived song and music video that will launch a bold new chapter in a still-unfolding career.

And, well, why not? If Baker can reinvent himself as a dance music divo, there’s no reason the rest of the cast can’t find similarly fulfilling post-Office careers in the public eye. Here, then, are a few suggestions:

Rainn Wilson: Iron Chef competitor.

John Krasinski: Interior decorator / talk-show host.

Jenna Fischer: Circus aerialist.

Brian Baumgartner: Weight-loss-system pitchman.

Kate Flannery: Tour de France competitor.

Now let's dance!

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