The Old Spice Guy and Mel Gibson Duke It Out

This conversation between the the Old Spice guy and Mel Gibson kind of makes me uncomfortable. Warning: Not actually that safe for work if you don't have headphones.

This vlogger has something to say about the originality of shows like Covert Affairs.

This kid does a sweet rendition of the Beverly Hills Cop song.

... Sorry to be a downer, but this video about the BP oil spill is really beautiful... and sad.

... I don't know. Really? What could they possibly have in common to make Chris Isaak the sensible replacement Simon Cowell on American Idol.

... Um, Spider-Man on Broadway?! Hooray! Comic readers and Gleeks will finally have something to talk about!

... We're jonesing for Mad Men and this interview with Elisabeth Moss is only feeding the anticipation.

... You like Archer? Yeah, we do too. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Sterling Archer himself, tells all about his Emmy nomination and his new show.

... TWOP wonders if 30 Rock's TGS would be a good place to work. I say yes.

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Jul 23, 2010
Eh, Vid wasn't that funny.