The Pacific set to rock 2009

The Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced epic The Pacific is one of the biggest productions ever to be filmed in Australia.

The 10-part $200m WWII miniseries which tracks three US Marines' experiences in the war, is a follow up to Band of Brothers.'s Kate O'Shea caught up with Australian actor Henry Nixon to talk about his most challenging role so far and to find out what it was like auditioning for upcoming US miniseries The Pacific.

Henry Nixon talks about his audition for The Pacific.

Produced largely in Victoria at Central Studios, it also made use of historic city locations as a backdrop to the war. The production even blocked off Melbourne's Flinders St for almost an entire weekend. In scenes that depicted marines arriving in Melbourne after fighting at Guadalcanal, 170 extras were decked out in 1943 period costume. Vintage trams trundled past Flinders Street Railway Station while mock newsstands sold copies of the Australian Women's Weekly from 1943.

A smaller contingent also staged scenes at Port Douglas, Queensland and in New South Wales. For Aussies, it should provide great "spot the location" viewing.

Henry Nixon talks about Australian television.

A number of Aussie actors will feature in the series too, including Gary Sweet, Isobel Lucas, Tom Budge, Damon Herriman, Sam Parsonson and Henry Nixon.

HBO Films president Colin Callender said, "This epic miniseries is based on the true stories of three marines whose experiences in the Pacific embodied the unique nature of that theatre of war, and dramatise how it profoundly differed from the European front. This was a different sort of war fighting a different sort of enemy."

Henry Nixon's most challenging role.

The Pacific will screen on the Seven Network in 2009.

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Oct 08, 2008
Filming for this on Flinders St was awesome, can't wait for this!

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