The Renovators take on The Block

"Event television" is very much the entertainment belle du jour of late, with big budget shows like MasterChef Australia, The X Factor and Australia's Got Talent becoming the fulcrum around which the major television studios' schedules revolve.

Production company Shine Australia, the masterminds behind the MasterChef franchise, will bring The Renovators to our screens next, with hopes it will be the biggest home makeover show to hit Australia.

Wannabe property managers, decorators and interior designers will descend on a property to battle it out over a series of renovation-relevant challenges. Once they have proven their worth, six contestants will undertake a dilapidated property to renovate to their own specifications, in the hope of winning the ultimate prize and the title of Australia's Best Renovator.

Though unspecified, the prize has been described as "one of the richest prizes in Australian TV history".

The Renovators will be directly (and inevitably) compared to The Block, the Channel Nine production in which four couples compete against one another while renovating a home, with the goal of turning a profit at auction.

All of a sudden The Renovators doesn't seem quite so original, does it?

How will it fare in the battle for ratings? Will it enjoy the level of success MasterChef Australia has enjoyed, or suffer the disappointment seen with this year's X Factor offering?

TEN has begun its nationwide search for Australia's best and brightest renovators to take part in the new series. If you think you're up to taking part in the six-month challenge, you can apply at

The Renovators will air in 2011. Do you think it will out-DIY The Block?

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