The Riches sent to the poorhouse

FX has been one of the leading providers of quality original programming over the last few years, thanks to shows such as Rescue Me, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Shield, and more. It's been pretty spot-on in recent years as well, with critics' faves Damages and the brand-new Sons of Anarchy (which just got whiff of a second season yesterday).

But it ain't always peaches and gravy, as they say...

With fresh new blood coming in, FX has decided to send one of its middling shows out to pasture. The network has officially canceled The Riches, according to The Riches lasted two seasons on FX and garnered some fairly good reviews, but apparently the drama couldn't draw an audience.

The Riches was stacked on the acting front, with part-time cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard and Oscar nominee Minnie Driver headlining. The pair played a grifter couple that weasels its way into high society with their family by assuming the identity of a wealthy couple.

Word of the show's cancellation actually popped up on MySpace, of all places, when The Riches actor Todd Stashwick posted the news in late September. It was officially confirmed by FX reps today.

The Riches is the second FX original program to be whacked in the past four months. In early June, Courtney Cox's Dirt was kicked out the back door.

If you ask us, The Riches may have deserved another shot--we'll miss Eddie Izzard! What are your thoughts?

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