The Scoop - 04/06/06

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What to Watch
In this great reality series from TLC, contestants chosen by their family and friends receive a much-needed ambush makeover. In this week's The Scoop, we interview a recent contestant!
Gotta Have It!
Fashion Victims
Want the lowdown on each installment of What Not to Wear? Look no further than our comprehensive episode guide!
She Wore WHAT?
Fashion Victims
If you love to talk trash about the contestants' tacky clothes or lust after their fancy new outfits, the What Not to Wear forum is the place for you. Check it out!
You Said It
America's Next Top Model
After hearing us engage in a very unofficial chat about what it might be like behind the scenes of America's Next Top Model, check out the show's page and form some opinions of your own!
Behind the Model?

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    500 Questions
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    The Messengers Metamorphosis
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