The Scoop - 05/04/06

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American Idol: Top Four
For once, our users and FOX voters agreed: Paris Bennett will not be the next American Idol. Her "screechy" version of Prince's "Kiss" earned her a big kiss goodbye...but who will be the next to go? Cast your vote now for one of the remaining four contestants!
Final Countdown
A Nashville Star is Born
On Tuesday's exciting finale of Nashville Star, Chris Young was crowned winner of the series' fourth season. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist, who hails from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has won a recording contract with Sony BMG Nashville, as well as a new Chevy Silverado truck.
Young's the Word!
So NoTORIous on!
You can now watch a full episode of So NoTORIous for free on! Once you've seen it, keep an eye out, for we'll be adding even more free episodes soon. If you're not a Tori Spelling fan, you might be pleasantly surprised by this witty, self-deprecating spoof on Tori's pampered life.
Free to be Fabulous
South Park Mid-Season Finale
South Park ended the first part of its 10th season with a hysterical episode featuring Caesar Milan as "The Dog Whisperer," who attempts to curb Cartman's obnoxious behavior. Let us tell you everything we thought of it--then add your own comments to the episode page.

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One finale I'm looking forward to that was not mentioned is Smallville.

Spoiler if you havent seen previews

Zod supposedly comes to smallville.

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