The Scoop - 06/15/06

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What's the Scoop?
What's the Scoop? is back, and this week's ambitious user is going for gold in the Action/Adventure genre! Will she win that coveted emblem? Email us if you'd like to be a future contestant!
Trigger Happy
Lovespring International
Who could have guessed that the Lifetime network would come up with an original comedy series? Not us...but the real surprise is that this unscripted series is actually a fountain of laughter!
Eternal Lovespring
Dog Bites Man
Comedy Central's latest effort follows the members of a fake news team as they approach and interact with unsuspecting citizens. We think it's great!
Good Dog!
ECW Returns
After a five-year hiatus that proved to be even more painful than a hefty kick to the groin, Extreme Championship Wrestling is back! Our resident ECW fanatics discuss this incredibly wonderful news.
Hurts So Good

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