The Scoop - 07/06/06

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A Tribute to Aaron has compiled a tribute feature in memory of Aaron Spelling. Read it right here, then revisit our showspaces for information on all of your favorite Spelling series.
In Memoriam
Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels hit the airwaves in 1976, and immediately gave birth to legions of split ends, empty hairspray cans, and stylish lunch boxes--along with an entire genre of television shows. Why not read the entire episode guide now?
Three Little Girls
Beverly Hills, 90210
Aaron Spelling's daughter, Tori, found her own claim to fame in daddy's smash hit series about a group of high school friends struggling to grow up in the '90s. You're lying if you say you never watched it.
Babe Dylan
Aaron Spelling brought the nefarious Shannen Doherty into the world of fame, and with Charmed he made an attempt to keep her there. He also made yet another of TV's most beloved shows.
Power of Three

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