The Scoop 11/02/06

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YouTube vs. Comedy Central
Viacom has demanded that YouTube remove all Comedy Central shows. Bummer. Was this a bad move for the network?
Your Loss
November Sweeps
November Sweeps are here! We're looking forward to a month full of extra-fabulous TV. How about you?
Sweep Up
Studio 60
The latest word: It lives! But will this beloved yet underrated drama survive for long?
Sunrise, Sunset

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Nov 26, 2006
Commenting on your YouTube part of the podcast, and especially on "the people who love the show will watch it anyway, so it's not really free promotion for them".
Have to disagree. YouTube is world wide. Some shows that are really great don't even air where I live and YouTube is the "only" way to watch them.

So I'd say it IS free promotion - when a series does (finally) air here there will be a large-ish group of fans/viewers already and it will have a better chance of catching on.

PS - you might want to mention in every podcast they can be commented on, it took a while to find this ;)
Nov 11, 2006
aww, no new scoop this week?
Nov 07, 2006
Yeah, it's free. You don't need to worry about the ipod, either - just click the "mp3" button up near the top of this page and you can listen to it directly on your computer. If you have itunes, you can subscribe to the podcast and it'll automatically download for your listening pleasure each week. Thanks!
Nov 04, 2006
Can someone tell me how I download this please. I'm using an Archos AV500 Movile DVR not an iPod. Also is this free?

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