The Scoop 11/30/06

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Kramer is Racist
The Seinfeld star recently indulged in an onstage tirade packed with racial epithets. He's been apologizing ever since--but will Kramer ever recover his tarnished image?
Bad Move
Thanksgiving Break
The four-day holiday weekend was a perfect opportunity to catch up on our television viewing...and we're sure things were the same for users. Here, we let you know what gave us something to stare at while shoveling pumpkin pie into our mouths.
Turkey TV
Holiday Specials
Have you checked out our new Holiday Specials feature? If not, now's the time to find out when to watch classic TV specials and holiday episodes of your favorite shows.
Joy to the World

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Dec 06, 2006
I have to agree that is becoming more influential. I've heard from a few actors (and family of actors) about problems with the guides, and I was just recently contacted by Mike Dion, one of the guest investigators on Ghost Hunters. I've also gone to other sites and spoken with some of the people involved in the new SciFi series The Dresden Files (including the producer Robert H. Wolfe) and the fact that I was the editor for the guide at really seemed to carry some weight.

If we can keep up this level of professionalism, accuracy, and speed, then could really take the reins as THE site to go to for TV info.

Great show guys, I look forward to next week. :)