The Season Finale of True Blood Looks Pretty Epic

I really need to catch up on this show.

Here's hoping Will Arnett's new show is as hilarious as he is.

Ryan Seacrest and Larry King's "Poker Face" duet will make your day. I guarantee it.

It's the Gossip Girl credits, Beverly Hills-style!

Chuck Norris did an ad for the NRA... sort of.


... Jay Leno sucks even more now than he did a few months ago.

... Former Happy Days producer Fred Fox, Jr. claims that the show didn't actually jump the shark when the Fonz jumped the shark.

... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson welcomed baby Axel on Wednesday. And Mad Men star Rich Sommer and his wife Virginia welcomed baby Patrick on Tuesday. Babies everywhere!

... Check out the claymation version of Jimmy Kimmel on Glenn Martin, D.D.S..

... Here's a list of all the Mad Men characters and their 90210 counterparts.

... Look! It's Bubbles, back on TV! And by that, I mean it's Andre Royo guest-starring on the season premiere of Fringe. I just hope he gets a scene with Lance Reddick.

... Speaking of FOX photos, here's the promo pic for Bones Season 6 and the promo pic for House Season 7. Cute.

... Anthony Bourdain talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his 100-episode milestone.

... And Bender celebrated Futurama's 100th episode by appearing on the cover of the same publication.

... TV Without Pity thinks that this season of Big Brother has been terrible.

... Jezebel kindly pointed out that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been on the air for 18 seasons. Uh, what?

... Check out who's on the cover of the latest Buffy comic!

... Jimmy Fallon got drunk with Rachel Maddow last night.

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