The "Shocking" Heroes Death, Revealed

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Spoiler Alert: Read much further beyond this and your life may be forever ruined by the knowledge of which major character is dying on Heroes.

Last month, news hit the street that NBC's Heroes was finally making a decision even I could get behind: killing off a major character. (My morbid sensibilities love when a show says goodbye to someone for good.)

Fans immediately began sifting through the possibilities, trying to deduce which series regular had a target on his forehead. But things don't stay secret on the Internet for long, and Hollywood insider blog Deadline Hollywood has discovered the truth and posted the info for all the world to see.

According to the site, Adrian Pasdar, who plays the body of Nathan Petrelli, has been "let go" (a nice way of saying "kicked to the curb and left to die a slow impoverished death").

E! Online, which broke the initial mystery-death report, says Pasdar is ticked off about the decision and found out about it the hard way: by reading an upcoming script.

Nathan has been killed before, but "lived on" after Sylar took his form in yet another Heroes death fake-out.

So why kill Nathan now? Some say it's for budgetary reasons, but it seems more like the writers backed themselves into a corner and just needed to end this storyline. I mean, how long can you have one major character in the body of another major character?

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