The Sopranos Season Premiere!

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From the moment that The Sopranos' fifth season came to its shocking end on June 6, 2004, fans of the series have been holding their breaths in anticipation of the next episode. The wait--nearly two years!--has been torturously lengthy, but tonight brings sweet release to us all.

The sixth and final season of this compelling and groundbreaking series is about to begin, and HBO has promised many fascinating changes in the lives of Tony Soprano and his clan. Will he and Carmela succeed in their reconciliation? Will the Soprano children, now nearly grown, make a safe and happy transition to adulthood? And with Johnny Sack away in prison, will the growing tension between the New York and New Jersey families continue unchecked?

These questions and many more will be answered in the coming weeks as The Sopranos approaches what is sure to be a worthy finale. As we count down the minutes to the season premiere, the staff here at couldn't be more excited. We bet you guys feel the same way--so why don't you share your hopes for the upcoming season with us and with one another?

Don't forget to tune into HBO tonight at 9:00 p.m. And if you haven't entered our exclusive Sopranos contest, now's your chance. Look here for details, and good luck!

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