The State vets get Comedy (Central) show

Cult comics Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are giving television another shot. The duo's latest project, dubbed Michael and Michael Have Issues, has been picked up to series by Comedy Central and is set to debut in July.

Black and Showalter are best known for their work in MTV's The State, Comedy Central's Stella, the movie Wet Hot American Summer, and for making jokes about the history of boinking and the radio days of porno (hint: it involves a lot of ham-slapping).

In Michael and Michael Have Issues, Showalter and Black will play the hosts of a fake sketch-comedy show (think 30 Rock) and follow them as they try and get the program together. The narrative storyline, which will largely entail the two hosts fighting each other for publicity and fame, will be broken up by sketches.

The first season is currently slated for seven episodes.

My friend Ingrid loves Showalter and Black, do you? let's hope their buddy Paul Rudd makes a billion cameos.

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