The Survivor: Philippines Cast Revealed... Now with 7% More Facts of Life Stars!

Just as the sun rises and sets, the moon urges us to harvest, and the planet hurtles ever onward through cold space into some unknown oblivion, the Survivor franchise carries on with predictable verve. This fall's 25th season (!) finds the various sand-encrusted babes 'n himbos walking the shores of the Philippines as they all engage in the most attractive emotional warfare HD has to offer. This week CBS unveiled its new slate of newbies (three returning players will be announced later) and it contains a few surprises! Who could've ever imagined that Blair from The Facts of Life would one day be swatting flies away from her face on national television? (The national television aspect being the shocker here.) But Lisa Whelchel isn't the only previously famous Survivor cast member; for those of you who watch some thing called "base ball," you might be thrilled to know that retired MLB player Jeff Kent will be struttin' his boardshorts in your living room pretty soon!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves: The whole gang is worth a gander. It's snap judgment time! Check out our first impressions in the gallery below, which includes completely gratuitous swimwear photos. Just keeping the viewers informed!

Survivor: Philippines Cast Photos

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