The TCA Awards Nominees Include Homeland, Game of Thrones

Those TV critics, they just can't stop nominating television shows for their own personal makeshift awards. Following yesterday's announcement of the Critics' Choice Awards nominees by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, the Television Critics Association (totally different) announced its nominees for the TCA Awards!

Once again, this list of potential award winners looks a lot better than the ones doled out by the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Handsomest Hollywood Gentlemen Awards (The Gentys), and the Studios Who Paid Us The Most Money For Awards Awards (The Cashies). There's a ton of overlap between the two critic organizations' awards programs, but the TCAs are slightly more concentrated due to fewer categories (men and women compete in the same gender-blind acting categories). Take a look, and let's all try and figure out who we would vote for between Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes in the heavyweight match-up of the century, with all due respect to Jessica Lange, Jon Hamm, and Peter Dinklage. I think I'd cast my vote for Claire.

Individual Achievement in Drama

Bryan CranstonBreaking Bad – AMC
Claire DanesHomeland – Showtime
Peter DinklageGame of Thrones – HBO
Jon HammMad Men – AMC
Jessica Lange – American Horror Story – FX

Individual Achievement in Comedy

Louis C.K. – Louie – FX
Lena Dunham – Girls – HBO
Julia Louis-DreyfusVeep – HBO
Jim ParsonsThe Big Bang Theory – CBS
Amy PoehlerParks and Recreation – NBC

Outstanding Achievement in News and Information

Anderson Cooper 360 – CNN
The Daily Show – Comedy Central
Frontline – PBS
60 Minutes – CBS
The Rachel Maddow Show – MSNBC

Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming

The Amazing Race – CBS
Dancing with the Stars – ABC
The Glee Project – Oxygen
So You Think You Can Dance – Fox
The Voice – NBC

Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming

iCarly – Nickelodeon
Phineas and Ferb – Disney
Sesame Street – PBS
Switched at Birth – ABC Family
Yo Gabba Gabba – Nick Jr.

Outstanding New Program

Girls – HBO
Homeland – Showtime
New Girl – Fox
Revenge – ABC
Smash – NBC

Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials

Downton Abbey: Masterpiece – PBS
Game Change – HBO
Hatfields & McCoys – History
Hemingway & Gellhorn – HBO
Sherlock: Masterpiece – PBS

Outstanding Achievement in Drama

Breaking Bad – AMC
Game of Thrones – HBO
Homeland – Showtime
Justified – FX
Mad Men – AMC

Outstanding Achievement in Comedy

The Big Bang Theory – CBS
Community – NBC
Louie – FX
Modern Family – ABC
Parks and Recreation – NBC

Career Achievement Award

Dick Clark
Andy Griffith
David Letterman
Regis Philbin
William Shatner

Heritage Award

Cheers – NBC
Lost – ABC
Saturday Night Live – NBC
Star Trek – NBC
Twin Peaks – ABC

Program of the Year

Breaking Bad – AMC
Game of Thrones – HBO
Homeland – Showtime
Mad Men – AMC
Downton Abbey: Masterpiece – PBS

The TCA Awards will be held July 28. Which nominees do you think should win?

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Breaking Bad for best achievement. Never been anything on TV quite this artful.
Flag Person of Interest?

The show that according to CBS, received the highest test ratings of any drama pilot in 15 years, and prompted the network to move the popular CSI from it's 10 yr slot to make room for POI...?

Individual Achievement in Drama-Claire Danes

Outstanding New Program-Homeland

Outstanding Achievement in Drama-Game of Thrones

Program of the Year-Game of Thrones
SAB is one the best shows on T.V!!!!!!
There seems to be a heavy leaning towards cable channel shows, at least amongst dramas, but those channels don't have the same restrictions as broadcast so they have an advantage. And it's really not fair to compare a show that only has to run 13 episodes or less with one that has to run a full 22.

It's likely that Dick Clark will win the Career Achievement Award simply because he can't be nominated again.

Is the Heritage Award really necessary? And should SNL be eligible since it's still running?

Or maybe they're just using it as an excuse to give Shatner another award.
Peter Dinklage and Downton Abbey for the win!

Individual Achievement in Drama: Peter Dinklage

Outstanding New Program: Revenge

Outstanding Achievement in Drama: Game of Thrones

Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: Community

Program of the Year: Game of Thrones !
My personal picks, from top to bottom:

Bryan Cranston - tough choice with Claire Danes

Amy Poehler

The Daily Show

The Amazing Race - Its the only one I have seen

iCarly - again, the only one I've seen

Homeland - Revenge was too empty at heart for me

NA - I haven't seen any of these mini-series

Breaking Bad - probably the best season yet topped with a kill only rivaled by THAT Spartacus kill. Of the other two real contenders, GoT s2 just didn't live up to my expectations after s1 and I just couldn't pick a new show (Homeland) over BB.

Parks and Recreation

William Shatner - I really don't care though but I'll pick Shatner for Denny Crane

Twin Peaks - Deserves to win but I don't think it will

??? - Although it seems that the winner of outstanding drama would naturally win this, the strength of that category may result in another show winning this so its probably out of GoT or Homeland. I'd be happy either way but, if only just for that one episode (you all know which one), I'd like GoT to win.

Uh, no BSG for the Heritage Award?
I love Dinkler and Danes in their respective roles and shows, but I think Cranston should win every award that he's nominated for for Breaking Bad.

I'm not sure about the comedy category; Poehler and LCK seem to be the favorites, but unfortunately for me, I don't watch either of their shows. Veep is growing on me, so I'd go with JLD.

Community for Outstanding Comedy. Homeland for Outstanding New Show.

All these nominations seem pretty damn good. The five for Outstanding Drama seem almost perfect (Mad Men is the only one I don't watch).
I disagree, Tim. Pardon the pun, but Dinklage stands above the rest.
If I could vote for Bryan Cranston I wouldn't even care who the other nominees are.
What's the Heritage Award? If it's what I think it is, no other show would even come close to SNL.
Twin Peaks FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
Great choices all around. I just miss Aaron Paul or Giancarlo Esposito, but there's so few categories that it's kinda understandable. I love also that GoT, BB, MM, Homeland and Community (my 5 favourite shows, including Fringe as the 6th) are getting recognition all over the place. It's incredible the level of quality those shows are achieving, so every one of them could win on their categories, but I have a extra special place in my heart (and my brain) for Breaking Bad, after my favourite season of all time (S04).

Hail to the King Walter White! :D

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