The theater comes to Deadwood

When the HBO series Deadwood returns for its third season in 2006, the denizens of the dirty, nearly lawless frontier town will have something new to occupy their time: the theater.

Veteran actor Brian Cox, who has been seen in such films as Adaptation and X2: X-Men United, will join the cast as Jack Langrishe, an eccentric theater producer (is there any other kind?) who will bring entertainments of the stage to the wild town of the show's title. Cox, who is Scottish but often speaks with different dialects, won an Emmy for his role in the TNT drama Nuremberg.

No further details have been given as to where Langrishe's theater will be located, what Langrishe plans on showing to the uncouth dwellers of Deadwood, or whether Cy Tolliver or Al Swearengen will pistol-whip Langrishe in the middle of the street and push him into the mud while simultaneously forming an alliance with him.

Whatever theatrical show Langrishe decides to run, it will have a hard time topping Al Swearengen's Shakespearean soliloquies directed at the lifeless head of a Native American. Whenever Swearengen, played by Emmy winner Ian McShane, launches into lengthy, diabolical, and often comical monologues delivered from his perch above the Gem Saloon while holding the severed head in a box on his lap, it ranks as one of the more memorable moments of this, or any, television series.

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Nov 01, 2005
Great information! I completely agree with your opinion of the severed head conversations. I can't wait for the new season.
Sep 22, 2005
C**k****ers! :O , that was rude I do apologise. Wait...have they ever apologised?
Sep 01, 2005
yeah ummmmm, i don't have HBO.... :(

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