The Top 10 TV Kisses

In honor of Valentine's Day, we rounded up ten of our favorite on-screen smooches.

Kevin and Winnie on The Wonder Years

Aside from the fact that Kevin looks prepubescent in this episode, his first kiss with Winnie really was pretty special.

Roseanne and Sharon on Roseanne

ABC almost didn't run this episode—filmed in 1994—because of this kiss between Mariel Hemingway and Roseanne Barr. But 30 million viewers tuned in to watch the important television moment, which turned out to be a small but important step toward the acceptance of same-sex couples on television.

Angela and Jordan on My So Called Life

The first kiss they shared turned out to be not-so-magical, so this lip-lock was a nice and romantic follow-up.

Buffy and Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As the entire town of Sunnydale falls under a spell of truth-telling and sing-song, the slayer kisses a rebel vampire who actually has the capacity to love.

Kate and Sawyer on Lost

Perhaps the most frustrating yet gratifying kiss on the island.

Chuck and Sarah on Chuck

Watching this one makes this week's episode even more depressing.

Matt and Julie on Friday Night Lights

Winning the game and the undying love of your girl? Matt, you've totally got it made.

Maggie and Joel on Northern Exposure

Who started it? Who cares?

Bones and Booth on Bones

Thank you, mistletoe, for making it happen.

Ross and Rachel on Friends

He's her lobster!

Happy Valentine's Day! Which TV kisses (good, bad, or otherwise) would be on your list?

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