The Unaired Better Off Ted Episodes are Now Available!

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Fellow Better Off Ted fans, it's our lucky day! The final two unaired episodes ("It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To" and "Swag the Dog") of this unappreciated gem are now available at three online locations; you can purchase them on iTunes, stream them on Netflix, or buy the first one through Amazon On Demand. You cannot, however, watch them on I guess the network is either still in denial about the show being good, or it's finally embarrassed about canceling such a brilliant sitcom.

Either way, at least we get some closure and we get to lift that three-month grudge we've been holding against the Celtics and the Lakers for extending the NBA Finals to Game 7 and preventing us from seeing the episodes when ABC originally wanted to air them. Or maybe that's just me.

Here's the infamous vulgar outtakes video again, because it's awesome.

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