19 Reasons Vampire Diaries Fans Are Counting the Days Until Nina Dobrev Returns

It's official: Nina Dobrev is returning to The Vampire Diaries for the series finale.

But as excited as we are about that news, March 10 is still weeks away, and we need our fix of the Petrova doppelganger ASAP! Because as great as this season has been, Dobrev has been, and always will be, the beating heart of this series. Whether she's playing the guileless Elena Gilbert or the manipulative Katherine, Dobrev has given us some of our favorite TVD moments of all time.

Check out 19 reasons we can't wait for Dobrev to return.

The Vampire Diaries: Who's going to die?

1. She calls Damon out on his sh--.

2. Because she's got jokes.

3. She knows how to have a good time.

4. She gives amazing speeches.

5. She always kept things interesting.

6. Because Damon needs his dance partner back.

7. She gives good face.

8. She always speaks the truth.

9. Because no one pulls at our heartstrings quite like Elena.

10. Her physical comedy prowess is severely underrated.

11. Because she leads to more shirtless Damon scenes.

12. Really though, her and Damon have the best chemistry.

13. Seriously. So good.

14. Why are they so cute together?

15. OK, her and Stefan were pretty cute too.

17. Yeah, fine, whatever. They were adorable together.

18. She's been through some sh--, and we need to see her get her happy ending.

19. And because like the Salvatores, we've never stopped missing her.

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

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Feb 19, 2017

Or alternatively - 1 ReasonVampire Diaries Fans Are Counting the Days Until Nina Dobrev Returns

- Because the Final season is fucking shit and we can't wait until it is over :)

Feb 18, 2017
Reading tv.com is starting to feel like being on a website with only myself and a group of people on the other side of the island. Anyway I'm glad Nina's coming back. I'll possibly come back for the finale to see how it all ends, and it's all because of your collection of dumb gifs. I hate you sometimes tv.com.

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