The Voice: And the Winner Is...

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The Voice S02E21: “Live Finale”

Well, that was a little bit unexpected. No, not so much Jermaine Paul sweeping in to win it all on The Voice but the fact that everyone’s favorite mandroid, Chris Mann, came in fourth. For real. Where did all the soccer moms go?

I was just starting to make peace with the idea of him winning, too. I thought for sure that the top two would be some combination of Chris and Juliet Simms.

But hey, even I’m wrong sometimes. Okay, lots of times. Shh. That’s our secret.

Here’s where everyone landed after two hours of build-up:

4. Chris Mann

3. Tony Lucca

2. Juliet Simms

1. Jermaine Paul

Did I mention that the build-up resulted in barely ten minutes dedicated to the actual results? Carson really milked the anticipation between telling us that he was about to announce fourth place and then actually announcing it. He had to amuse himself somehow, though, and it was probably refreshing to reach the end of the show and realize that for once, he wasn’t stuck trying to coax something resembling a coherent response from our esteemed judges as the credits rolled over his panicked visage.

There were the obligatory flashbacks to the humble beginnings of our four finalists. There were quickie features about the Epic Bromance of Adam and Blake and that fierce and feisty feline, Purrfect the Cat. And of course, no two hours of white noise would be complete without the parade of celebrity guests.

Bieber Fever was in full swing and I hate myself for typing that phrase. Flo Rida did a duet with Juliet Simms because that apparently made sense to someone with the power to make such partnerships a reality. Lady Antebellum sang something that sounded like a Lady Antebellum song and Hall and Oates attempted to create an air of musical legitimacy by performing their song “Rich Girl.”

You know what, though? All picking aside, it was a fun finale, an energetic celebration of the four talented finalists who also got to perform, just for fun, before the results of America’s voting were revealed. We even saw some old familiar faces, with many of the recently eliminated contestants returning to the stage during their former teammates' final songs. Of particular delight, I thought, was the collaboration between Jermaine Paul, Jamar Rogers, Pip, and James Massone on the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”. Loved the jackets, fellas. Did anyone ever tell you you look great in gold? Also awesome was the triple-threat team-up of Chris Mann, Lindsey Pavao, and Katrina Parker on a very trippy cover of “Bittersweet Symphony.” It was a little weird, but in a good way. Our little mandroid is a real boy now. I’m so proud.

But now, now we return to our regularly scheduled Monday (and Tuesday) nights. Jermaine Paul gets to go make what I hope will be a funky and fun album. I’d totally be okay with bringing Blake back for another go at “Soul Man.” I don’t think I mentioned how very cool that performance was last night, but it was cool. Very very cool.

So... did your favorite finalist win? Anybody checking out America’s Got Talent on Monday? I’ll be there for sure.

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