The Voice: Another Four Bite the Dust

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The Voice S02E13: "Elimination, Week 2"

I’m really bummed to be saying goodbye to Tony “Voldemort” Vincent. I dug him. I dug his intensity and his infuriating ability to apply eyeliner better than me. It’s a hard combination to get right—the eyeliner nullifies the effects of excessive intensity by telling us, “It’s okay, he’s creative,” but at the same time, too much eyeliner coupled with an abundance of intensity just makes the man (or woman, to be fair here) look like an escaped mental patient. Tony Vincent had achieved that perfect balance, in my eyes.

But sadly, our contemplation of the intensity-to-eyeliner ratio must come to an end. Tonight, Cee Lo fried Lord Tony’s last horcrux.


Team Cee Lo
Juliet Simms
Jamar Rogers
James Massone

Team Adam:
Tony Lucca

Pip was certainly a surprise for me, but not an unpleasant one. His performance on Monday night wasn’t particularly bad, it was just obvious. Maybe he’ll go back to being all smiley and adorable now that America has seemingly stated, with the inclusion of Pip and James Massone (another surprise that didn’t make me die inside) on its "approved" list, that we like our rock stars to ROCK...just not too hard.


Team Cee Lo:
Tony Vincent
Erin Martin

Team Adam:
Kim Yarbrough
Karla Davis
Katrina Parker

Erin Martin returned to form and gave us the type of performance that we expect from Erin Martin (re: awful) and while personally, I found Tony Vincent’s creepy rendition of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”—he was definitely channeling the Manson version—more enjoyable than Cheesa grunting through the high notes in “All By Myself,” it’s not like Cheesa was unbearable. I was surprised that the judges unanimously chose her, though. I mean, her performance was a step above exceptional karaoke at best.

On Team Adam, Katrina brought a little ska to the party and managed to save herself through the magic of vintage No Doubt. Katrina sure loves her '90s music and that makes me love Katrina. Seriously—you, me, and a box of cassettes that haven’t been disturbed since 1997. It’ll be awesome. But mostly, Katrina was just confident. Once again, her “Bertha” voice failed to make an appearance, and Kim’s performance was good, but not particularly exciting. The judges’ favorite word of the night was “immediacy,” and out of Adam’s three mentees, Katrina was the only one who managed to bring it to the stage without being scared of it.

Ultimately, in addition to Voldemort, we said goodbye to Kim, Karla, and Erin.

What’s your take on tonight’s results?

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