The Voice "Battle Round #4" Review: Country Strong

The Voice S03E14: "The Battles Continue (Round 4)"

The Tuesday rounds always feel like an afterthought to the longer Monday-night rounds on The Voice. The continued reliance upon montages in place of battles because THE TEAMS ARE TOO DAMN BIG doesn’t help.

This week, we missed out on Mycle Wastman versus Ben Taub, Adanna Duru versus Michele Brooks-Thompson, and Beat Frequency versus Laura Vivas. I was particularly disappointed by the decision not to show Beat Frequency’s battle because I was anticipating what was sure to be an amazing trainwreck.

Instead, we got to see country singers Liz Davis and Nicole Johnson on country singer Blake Shelton’s country-saturated team sing a country song by Blake’s country-star wife, Miranda Lambert. I don’t think it gets much more country (or dull) than that. Both contestants held their own. In the end, Blake went with Davis over Johnson due to her considerable experience.

Adam Levine had a similarly tough decision to make between Alessandra Guerico and Kayla Nevarez, who faced off on “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry. The formally trained Guerico struggled when Adam told her not to be so perfect and rigid. Kayla was pitchy. They pulled it together at showtime, though. Adam went with Kayla because he felt like Alessandra lacked confidence and she was visibly crushed until Christina swept in with a steal and a reference to her time on The Mickey Mouse Club. If you’re playing the Christina Aguilera drinking game at home, feel free to take a sip.

In all seriousness, though, it was a good move for both Guerico and Team Christina. How did they not end up together in the first place?

And finally, Cee Lo Green paired country hopeful Emily Earle with cutie-pie MacKenzie Bourg. I just want to pinch his smiley dimples. AND AND AND according to his bio page over at The Voice he’s a The Perks of Being a Wallflower fan, so, you know, we should be BFFs or something.

ANYWAY, Cee Lo set up both singers for the most awkward battle ever by giving them the Owl City tune “Good Time.” Emily Earle immediately began to panic over leaving her comfort zone. MacKenzie Bourg struggled with figuring out what to do with his hands when Cee Lo took away his security blanket/ guitar. It was all good though. The smiley dimples prevailed.

Here’s your round-up of the week's comings and goings!

Sticking Around:

Liz Davis (Team Blake)
Kayla Nevarez (Team Adam)
Mackenzie Bourg (Team Cee Lo)
Mycle Wastman (Team Cee Lo)
Michelle Brooks-Thompson (Team Adam)
Laura Vivas (Team Christina)

Going Home:

Nicole Johnson (Team Blake)
Ben Taub (Team Cee Lo)
Beat Frequency (Team Christina)
Adanna Duru (Team Adam)
Emily Earle (Team Cee Lo)


Alessandra Guerico (Team Adam to Team Christina)

Who are your favorite contestants so far?

Comments (2)
Oct 18, 2012
i like the "harry potter meets justin bieber" contestant as well!

and now i love his father also lol
Oct 18, 2012
His dad is so awesome!

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