The Voice Battle Round #5 Review: (More) Montage Magic

The Voice S03E15: “Battle Round #5”

Tonight’s battle round was cut short due to the third and final presidential debates, but through the magic of montage, The Voice still managed to cram six battles into its limited air time. Have I mentioned how much I hate the new practice of skipping over certain battles? Only, like, 12 times in the past week, right?

Okay, so maybe the chick from Hey Monday doesn’t need any more help being a headliner on The Voice but still, we didn’t get to see Cassadee Pope’s battle? Really? OR Joe Kirkland’s? What’s the point of having established musicians with already solid careers on this show if you aren’t going to FEATURE them?

Here’s who we DID get to see:

Team Cee Lo pitted Hurricane Katrina Survivor Alexis Marceaux (I think that phrase needs to be copyrighted, it got so much action tonight) against weeping wonder Daniel Rosa on Adam Lambert’s “Whaddaya Want from Me.” Classically trained Alexis was encouraged to loosen up. Daniel lacked confidence and thus repeated the storyline of 99.9 percent of the contestants on this show. I wish someone would show up to practice with laryngitis just to mix up the angst. I’m also convinced that The Voice is secretly one giant public service announcement against taking formal music lessons since every classically trained musician who competes ends up getting slammed for their precision and annunciation. You know, things that are usually complimented in a musical competition.

I favored Marceaux, as did most of the judges. Cee Lo chose Rosa because he “connected” with him more. Well, at least we can’t accuse him of voting purely with his downstairs brain this season.

On Team Adam, Hippie chick Nicole Nelson battled high schooler Brandon Mahone. Their “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” duet was the high point of the battle and Adam definitely had his work cut out for him. In total to the outcome of Team Cee Lo's battle, Adam went with Nicole despite most of his peers preferring Mahone’s performance to Nelson’s.

Finally, closing the night, Team Christina’s MarissaAnn—who at 15 years old is this season's youngest participant—faced off against Devyn DeLoera who is five years her senior. They sang “Free Your Mind” which ended up sounding like one of Christina’s signature overdone vocal gymnastics routines. I had no opinion on their battle because they both sounded exactly the same to me. In addition to routinely discouraging trained musicians from doing what they were trained to do, The Voice has also fallen into the habit of justifying cutting exceptionally young contestants with, “It’s okay, you’re not an older-than-dirt twenty-something. You still have TIME,” which is basically the rationalization Christina Aguilera used to choose DeLoera over MarissaAnn.

It’s cool though, Blake ended up stealing her anyway.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s eliminations? Weren’t Brandon Mahone and Nicole Nelson AWESOME?

Sticking Around:

Daniel Rosa (Team Cee Lo)
Nicole Nelson (Team Adam)
Loren Allred (Team Adam)
Joe Kirkland (Team Adam)
Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)
Devyn DeLoera (Team Christina)

Going Home:

Alexis Marceaux (Team Cee Lo)
Samuel Mouton (Team Adam)
Brian Scartocci (Team Adam)
Brandon Mahone (Team Adam)
Ryan Jirovec (Team Blake)


MarissaAnn (Team Christina to Team Blake)

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Oct 24, 2012
last episode sucked so much! i really wanted to see cassadee pope!... this editing is really really bad...

i didn't care bout ceelo's team battle at all...

i didn't like the fact that adam didn't chose malone because the other one is a snob!

and i'm happy marissaann is in team blake now.

i love christina but she's starting to annoy me with bad choices...

p.s.: is it just me or christina keeps on sipping off of an empty cup thru rehearsals?
Oct 24, 2012
There are two things that are really bothering me with The Voice right now (aside from the whole cutting battles because the teams are too big - but Ive complained about that several times already):

1. Its not a Steal. It makes absolutely no sense to call it that. Theyre not stealing anybody. If they could use it before the coach makes his/her decision - then it would be a steal. But they dont. They do it AFTER the decision. So what theyre doing is SAVING people from being eliminated from the show. So call it...*drum roll* THE SAVE.

2. WTF is Christina wearing on her head during final rehearsals? Is she practicing for Halloween and her costume will be some kind of pirate/biker/50s housewife hybrid thing?? Its really distracting. And damn hilarious at the same time. How can those contestants keep a straight face during practice???

Other than that Im slowly getting back to enjoying the show - and then they cut another battle and I get pissed off all over again....
Oct 23, 2012
I was supper excited for Cassadee Pope's battle, in fact it was the only reason I was really watching the battle rounds, and they freaking cut it. I was so pissed. I'm glad she's still in this thing but I'm really starting to agree with you on this whole NBC should never have changed to 16 people on a team if they can't actually show them all. It's ridiculous.
Oct 23, 2012
I was pissed that they didn't show Joe Kirkland and Samuel's battle. Seriously I was waiting to see it. Still maybe once the live shows start they won't do this montage crap anymore.