The Voice: Four on the Cutting Room Floor

The Voice S02E11: "Live Results, 4 Go Home"

RaeLynn? RAELYNN? America, you’ve failed me.

The six members of Team Blake and the six members of Team Christina performed last night. Voting was open until 10am today and based on the final tally, three members of each team were insta-saved by the hivemind.


Team Christina:
Jesse Campbell
Chris Mann
Lindsey Pavao

Team Blake:
Erin Willett
Jermaine Paul

So let’s talk about RaeLynn for a second because after Team Cee Lo’s Erin Martin, RaeLynn has the voice that makes me cringe the hardest. Now, if I found myself locked in a room with the choice between Erin Martin or RaeLynn being played on a loop until death mercifully found me, I’d have to go with RaeLynn, but there is no way, America—no way—that her floppy, incomprehensible rendition of “Wake Up Call” was better than Jordis Unga’s “Alone.”

So what gives? Did my invitation to the hivemind get lost in the mail? I bet it got lost in the mail.


Team Christina:
Ashley de la Rosa
Moses Stone
Sera Hill

Team Blake:
Naia Kete
Charlotte Sometimes
Jordis Unga

Ashley de la Rosa and Jordis Unga walked away from their last-minute showdowns with supper intact, so at least I found myself agreeing with the judges this week. Ashley’s Grace Potter cover, “Paris Ooh La La,” was exciting and she struck me as the only contestant forced to prove herself (again) who didn’t look absolutely devastated by her plight. She smiled. She was energetic. She was awesome.

Jordis Unga sang The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” and it was lovely. She shouldn’t have had to perform at all tonight, but she made the best of it and, well, we got a great performance out of it.

As for Charlotte, Naia, Sera, and Moses, better luck next time.

Additional, er, notes:

– I feel like Naia Kete got the short end of the stick with Blake. Last night, he shot down her reggae idea and she faltered through a straight cover of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Tonight, she took the safe route again and covered Beyonce’s “If I was a Boy” and suddenly, Blake longed for reggae.

– I loved Cee Lo’s jacket. But where is Purrfect? It seems like she's always tweeting, but she never makes it to the shows! Bring back Purrfect!

– Am I the only one who doubts that Team Adam was actually singing during their performance with the Gym Class Heroes and Neon Hitch? Did anyone else worry that Neon’s angry bustier was going to take an eye out?

What are your thoughts on tonight’s results? Will you miss Charlotte, Naia, Sera, and/or Moses?

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