The Voice: How Would You Rank the Top 3?

With the The Voice’s final rounds looming and only three spots available, the top four contestants stuck to the tried-and-true formulas this week: Cassadee Pope threw on a sparkly dress and belted a country ballad, Nicholas David tapped into America’s ooey, gooey center with a tribute to his family, Terry McDermott finally sang a Beatles song, and Trevin Hunte dusted off another diva number and aimed for the high notes.

Unfortunately, the inconsistency that dogged Hunte all season long reappeared during his better-than-average-but-also-weirdly-boring rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings” and America voted him off the island... er... stage. A bummer for sure, but not an unexpected one.

This week’s semifinals also served as a Team Blake Christmas Reunion Special when the current and former members of Team Blake joined Blake Shelton on the stage for a performance of “White Christmas” on Monday and “country badass” RaeLynn popped up on Tuesday to sing her new single “Boyfriend.” Thanks for nothing, Santa. A simple stocking full of coal would have been fine.

However, Team Blake wasn’t the only gang getting in on the alumni action. Last season’s finalists Chris Mann and Juliet Simms of Teams Xtina and Cee Lo, respectively, also showed up to show off their shiny new singles, and Tony Lucca of Team Adam dropped by to, uh, hang out with Adam? Announce that he signed with Levine’s record label? Rub it in perpetual hater Xtina’s face? Idk, but he certainly wasn’t there to sing. Xtina’s vendetta against her fellow ex-Mouseketeer last season was so bizarre and relentless—comedy gold, man. I missed it.

Here are my Top 3 Power Rankings:

3. Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo

David toned down the retro vibe and went for pure emotion with his performance of “You Are So Beautiful,” dedicated to his wife. Aww.

2. Terry McDermott – Team Blake

That last note was a little rough, but it was “Let it Be” and it was the Beatles and it was Terry McDermott singing it with Adam Levine rocking out in his whirly chair. Levine was unusually energetic after spending most of the season apparently napping. I suspect the possibility of annoying Christina Aguilera by putting her in the same room as Tony Lucca added that little spring to his step.

1. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake

Pope sang “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban and even though I thought the constant hand gestures were annoying and distracting, it was a solid performance that prompted Christina to comment, “You almost sound autotuned, you’re so perfect.” I’ve never, ever heard someone refer to a singer as sounding “autotuned” and mean it as a compliment, but, well, that’s Xtina for you. She speaks her own language.

How would you rank the top three?

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