The Voice: The Final Countdown

The Voice S02E20: “Live Final Performances”

It’s been a long, strange trip, kids, but we’re here. We’re at the final set of performances, the final round of voting, to choose the winner of The Voice Season 2. Say it again, it’s delicious: WE MADE IT! Christina Aguilera's poor, moisture-deprived hair made it! Purrfect the wonder kitty made it! Carson Daly made it and can go back to...whatever it was he was doing before getting roped into this. Last Call? Is Last Call still on? Yes? Sweet.

Last night’s show was chock full of performances—TWELVE—to fill the entirely unnecessary two hours of air time. No musical special musical guests. I guess that budget was blown on Bieber’s upcoming finale performance. Greeeeat.

Anyway, the TWELVE performances could be divided into three distinct types, only one of which was up for judging—officially. There were the Tributes, where each of our finalists chose one of their mentors’ songs to perform as a sort of “Thank You for Not Kicking Me Off Of Your Team” card. There were the Duets, which paired our finalists up with their mentors for a performance meant to...fill time. And finally, there were the performances that actually mattered: the Final Performances. The judges have absolutely zero say in the outcome this week’s competition, with all scores being based on America’s voting results.

How did everything turn out, you ask? Pretty awesome. Kudos to Christina and Juliet Simms for their A+ efforts, despite being openly cold-stricken and, frankly, looking like they couldn’t possibly feel like anything less than hell. Seriously thought Christina was going to fall over after her duet with Chris Mann. Get yourself some Ny-Quil, lady.

The Tributes

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo)—“Crazy”

Chris Mann (Team Christina)—“The Voice Within”

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake)—“God Gave Me You”

Tony Lucca (Team Adam)—“Harder to Breathe”

The Duets

Chris Mann and Christina Aquilera—“The Prayer”

Juliet Simms and Cee Lo Green—“Born to be Wild”

Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton—“Soul Man”

Tony Lucca and Adam Levine—“Yesterday”

The Final Performances (in chronological order)

Jermaine Paul—“I Believe I Can Fly”

While the rest of America waited for Juliet Simms’ successor to her badass “Roxanne” performance and seemed to find it in last week’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” I was holding out for Jermaine Paul to wow me again like he did when he sang “Against All Odds” however many weeks ago.

It happened this week. And that’s fitting, right? The title is on the line, man, time to pull out the big guns.

It was pretty and quiet. There were waify violin players in wispy prom dresses. And then BAM. Jermaine rocked it, blasting the final chorus away. That’s what I’ve been WAITING for!

Tony Lucca—“99 Problems”

The only finalist who didn’t feel obligated to get all slow and pretty for his final competitive performance, the former Mouseketeer (and won’t we all be happy not to hear that phrase repeated every week? Seriously, there is NO other way to describe the man? Really?) grabbed a steel guitar and tackled that fabulous freaking Jay-Z song. It was catchy. I don’t know if it was as breathtaking as the other performances, but it was fun, and it’s a song that people like (which I firmly believe is half the battle when it comes to snagging votes).

Oh, except Christina. Christina jumped on the “this song is derogatory to women” bandwagon (which I thought was hilarious coming from someone who basically made her career out of objectifying herself) and slammed Tony and Adam for their song choice. Adam defended it by arguing that the B— in “99 Problems” isn’t a woman, it’s LIFE, MAN.

Just...sit down. God. Both of you. You’re both right and you’re both wrong. Just. Sit. Down.

Chris Mann—“You Raise Me Up”

Ah, a Josh Groban song. Shocker. But hey, Chris Mann has flourished since embracing his opera-star side. Like Jermaine Paul who preceded him, he was also supported by a platoon of violinists and backing singers. His singers knew sign language though, so, you know, brownie points.

Mann's performance brought Christina to tears and I know, I know, I’ve called him a robot in the past, but he’s become sentient over the past few performances and tonight, I thought he brought the emotion just fine.

Clearly, this means we have to shut down Skynet NOW.

Juliet Simms—“Freebird”

I could knock Simms for picking this Skynyrd classic and missing its entire point (the epic guitar solo), but really, it was a nice blend of the pretty that dominated most of the evening and the signature badassery she’s so proud of. Plus she pretty much owned it, despite being clearly under the weather.

I also really loved that dress. Very Cee Lo Green meets Florence and the Machine. Rawr.

Who do you think will be the Season 2 champion?

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Agree with you whole heartedly MaryAnn. You can hardly take seriously Christina whom herself if I remember correctly humped a ring corner in her "Dirty" video. Also almost had a nip slip in her rendition of Prayer. I just don't think she like Tony which is fine. But to claim that she has any moral ground to stand upon is laughable.

As for the finale I am going to have to go with Juliet still. She is great and I would buy an album of hers if it was done well.
Based on the final performance, either Chris, Juliet or Tony. Good job overall. And nice comment on Christina objectifying herself.
Juliet Simms all the way!!!!!!
Everyone is so excited about Tony Lucca's performance but no one seems to know that it's not original at all. There's this guy named Hugo who's recorded that same version before, check it out: It was featured on the "No strings atached" soundtrack...

I'd be happy for the other three to win, they are really remarkable voices, but this guy's voice is just average...
Did you all catch Christina saying Tony brought his daughter? Pretty sure he has a son lady. Geez.
ok, correction, according to wikipedia he has a son and a daughter, but I'm pretty sure it was the boy there..
I thought Juliet Simms' dress did not make sense. I thought she was suppose to be like a rocker. I do agree that it was 'Florenesqe'. I really don't like Tony Lucca for some reason. He is just another 'white guy with guitar' with a un-original voice. If this competition is really about the VOICE, he should not win. I like Josh Groban and even though I think he is way better than Chris Mann, Chris Mann is alright. I'm personally rooting for Juliet Simms but since there seems to be a lot of pretty boy faces, I'm doubting her chances.
No, I definately think Juliet Will Win

I think Chris Mann will win the voice...


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