The Voice: Three Men and a Lady

The Voice S02E19: “Live Semi-Final Eliminations”

Without any redemption performances to get through, The Voice had to find another new way to fill its hour-long results show. This week, the show did so by inviting the top four performers from last year’s competition—Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, and Javier Colon—to sing. Their performances served to prove a point Adam made during his group hug consolation speech, “It’s not about winning The Voice, it’s about using it as a launch pad.”

Shows like The Voice, American Idol, and The X-Factor are excellent jumping-off points for relatively unknown artists, and for many of the musicians who grace those stages, “losing” the game is by no means indicative of a disappointing career. Katharine McPhee was an Idol runner up and now she has a starring role on Smash. Getting booted from The Voice this late in the competition may be disappointing to the four contestants we bid goodbye to tonight, but I’m sure we’ll hear more from them in the future. A lot of real talent left The Voice tonight, but a lot stayed behind too.

Team Christina: Chris Mann vs. Lindsey Pavao

Christina split her votes evenly between her two contestants, rationalizing that the two performances were so different that she would let America decide. America chose Chris Mann.

Team Adam: Tony Lucca vs. Katrina Parker

Adam was a little more decisive when it came time to spread his points around, giving Tony Lucca 60 and Katrina Parker 40. He was quick to dive into the aforementioned speech and defended his decision by claiming to have a better connection with Tony. America also voted for Tony.

Team Blake: Erin Willett vs. Jermaine Paul

Like Christina, Blake divided his points evenly and stated outright that he didn’t want to be a part of the decision-making process anymore, “It’s America’s turn.” America went with Jermaine, which, on a side note, was the only result that genuinely shocked me. I just never thought he had a big, epic, standout moment, though his consistency certainly counts for something.

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms vs. Jamar Rogers

Cee Lo split his votes 60/40, giving the larger chunk to Juliet Simms. He stood by his decision with the argument that her performance was beautiful and strong and while Jamar was consistently the frontrunner on his team, last night’s performance was lacking that indefinable something that, by contrast, made Juliet’s so awesome. America overwhelmingly agreed, almost doubling her lead over Jamar.

With no more redemptions on the table, all votes were final, so our A-team heading into next Monday’s final round consists of Chris Mann, Tony Lucca, Jermaine Paul, and Juliet Simms.

Do you think it's the right final four?

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